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What our clients are saying:

  • I would not hesitate to refer anyone to you for any divorce or family law related matter. Like I’ve mentioned before, in addition to the actual legal work I felt your support outside the purely “legal” sphere was most helpful.

    — A.T.
  • Robert Horvat is a great attorney whom I will continue to use.

    — JH
  • Thank you, Lisa, for all of your help.  Right now I have several files with deed and probate issues and am dealing with several attorneys and paralegals, but out of everyone you have been the most helpful and courteous.  Thank you for taking the time to look – I appreciate your help!

    — S.L.
  • I like the social media posted by Jaye Wickham Taylor.  I have read a lot of her posts and it is very interesting and informative.  I like the team approach that occurred on my case.  It is comforting to know senior partners have input and are guiding the process and will step in as needed to discuss approach.  I have referred three people to Buckley Law and Jaye Taylor.  Jaye is an outstanding attorney and does a fabulous job at managing the process and informing clients through the process.  Understanding the process is half the battle and it helps to get reassurance from your attorney and guidance moving forward.

    — Anonymous
  • My experience is that the attorneys are very professional.  Timely responses, good solid information.  Trustworthy.  Reasonable fees.  Thank you for being on my side.  I feel very lucky to be able to count on Buckley Law.  Charlie and Bill were incredible.

    — AM
  • Thank you so much. I very much appreciate your diligence in this matter. I have already forwarded your web pages as a referral to my sister who is meaning to do some estate planning in the future. Thank you again.

    — J.K.
  •  Richard,

    I attended the Lawyer’s Title class yesterday on “Code of Ethics” it was the best presentation on Ethics I’ve ever seen. Thank you for your time and expertise.

    — J.C.
  • Really loved Dick’s lecture at the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women Conference.  He was the best speaker by far.

    — Anonymous
  • Rob, I wish to personally thank you for your hlep and support regarding my father’s estate.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciated it and what a relief it is to be done with the whole process.  Thank you is not nearly enough to express my gratitiude.

    — M.F.
  • We think Deanna is wonderful!

    — FB
  • Thank you for your ongoing support of Lake Oswego High School.  Your generous donation of legal advice will help fund academics, athletics, arts and enrichment at our school.

    — Lake Oswego High School Senior Class
  • Thank you for everything, Jaye. I trust that you know what is best and I don’t ever question your decisions. I do understand your reasoning and agree with you.  Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. You will NEVER understand how much I appreciate you.

    — A.V.
  • You deserve to be sitting next to the dolphins right now… but really, Jaye, you are best at swimming with and taming the sharks!  :)  Thank you so much for everything.  I am more grateful than you can imagine.  A bit stunned by the end, but so grateful it is done!

    — Jennifer
  • Jaye, thank you for your help.  Great job in court on Friday.  I was extremely pleased.  By the way, my mom saw you on KATU and said she was extremely excited to find out you are my lawyer.  She said you were fantastic and you are!  Thanks, Jaye.

    — M
  • It is great to work with such a wonderful attorney on all these short sales. I always feel confident sending clients to you for advice.  Thank you, Charlie.

    — A.S.
  • I am thrilled with the outcome of my divorce.  Sally is brilliant and worth every penny!  Thank you so much for your help!

    — D.W.
  • Dear Jaye – Thank you for EVERYTHING. We speak of you fondly. You sure helped my daughter to turn her life around and we are very grateful.

    — P.N.
  • My children and I have never been happier. I feel so blessed and grateful to Jaye & the Buckley team, and constantly sing Jaye’s praises & refer clients to her. Jaye, you’ve been my sword & shield. I admire you deeply. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    — I.L.
  • Thank you so much for all you have done for us and our mom. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

    — The G Kids
  • Thank you so much. This is really good news. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the expert help I’ve received from you!

    — L.B.
  • When our parents died within the same year and we inherited the house, my sister and I expected a monetary advance but it turned out to be a financial pit. My meeting with Richard Uffelman and Lisa Edwards could not have been a more pleasant surprise. I was met with unsurpassed knowledge and confidence of what needed to be done. Within minutes I knew they were on my side and I finally started to see light at the end of the tunnel. I greatly appreciated Dick’s thoughtfulness to cost.  I cannot thank him enough for his compassion.

    — David B.
  • We think Deanna is wonderful and feel that the quality of services we received were excellent.

    — F.B.
  • Richard, I just wanted you to know how much our office appreciated your presentation yesterday. We all enjoyed it very much and thank you for all you do for us and the real estate community.

    — B.R.
  • Our experience with your firm so far has been wonderful and so helpful.  Maria has been the best – she wants to help in any way and does not make you feel like she is tired of answering all of our questions.  Any questions she refers to Deanna are answered quickly and in complete detail to be able to understand what we need to  do or not do.  We feel like we will get through this process because of the expert and efficient help we have received from Buckley Law.  Thank you.

    — RM
  • Mr. Dick Uffelman has always been so helpful—you can’t improve on very satisfactory service.

    — Mr. and Mrs. Wilson
  • We were so happy with the outcome of our case.  Jaye was an awesome attorney.  Thank you!

    — C & JB
  • Thank you for your seminar on the Stimulus package. I got a lot out of it personally, and I also spoke with several agents who had great reviews. We really apprecaite Richard taking time out of his busy schedule to educate us. Realtors need to know so much more and we need all the help we can get staying up to date.

    — Barb Ralston, Keller Williams Realty
  • Thank you for the great information at the class on Friday. I always enjoy hearing you speak and benefitted from the information greatly!

    — D.B.
  • Deanna,
    Thank you so much for the work you’ve done working with me on the estate.  You’ve made the experience understandable and virtually easy and answered all my silly and not-so-silly questions with grace.  I will certainly not forget this experience!

    — S.D.
  • Richard, I want to share my appreciation today for your helping a client to come to the decision to short sale his home.  His situation, as you said, is the exception to what most folks have put before them.  He left my office this afternoon with a list of items to do to begin the process of getting it on the market.  Your kindness and consideration of the client shows why we continue to refer those that need help.  My heartfelt thanks again for your gentle touch!

    — D.M.